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history, cuisine and culture

For as long as we humans have existed, so has our food. That is why food is so often the focus of historical or anthropological studies and why we thought you might be interested in knowing how food (and stuff relating to food) got to be like it is today.

WARNING - the attached pages may be a bit long but they do provide lots of information - after all we need at least some pages you can get your teeth into!

CURRENT QUESTION - What is cuisine?

Foods alone do not represent a cuisine - it is the meaning and myths surrounding the ingredients, the preparation, the cooking, the combination of flavours and the when and where of eating, that determine the makings of a cuisine. Cuisine is often what sets a culture apart and provides a common understanding of what it means to "belong" to that community.

Do you think Australia has a cuisine? Does your country have a cuisine? Please tell us what you think!

  • Like all uniforms, there is plenty of history, purpose and tradition behind many of the clothes worn by folks in the food industry:
  • Ahhhhh! Food Media! It's all over me! Get it off! As you might have noticed lately. The media, is full of references to food: Restaurant reviews News on the latest obesity study Umpteendozenzillion...
  • There are many, many political issues that are related to food supply, agriculture, trade, retail, Government policy and so the list goes on. We thought you might like to see a snippet of what is...
  • YG loves this fab video - it is deliciously dark..... No recipe from darkmotion on Vimeo. nearly makes you want to eat KFC (sort of).... KFC-Bandito from dpcheong on Vimeo.
  • Food can be found in all forms of art and is depicted using a diverse range of media. Food and food themes are often used because food is an everyday item and therefore has the ability to convey...
  • Literature about food is all around us; in books, newspapers, magazines and all over the Internet. We are collecting and publishing lots of it each time we run our competitions and we would like you...
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