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Try these tips for getting yourself cookin' in the kitchen

Do the oldies in your house turn into control freaks when it comes to letting you cook in the kitchen? When you offer to cook dinner do they run around madly looking for the “right” family recipe for you to cook that is from a book they used in high school? When they see you with a kitchen knife do they scream loudly “Be careful! Don’t be stupid with that! or “Here you are darling, use this one” (handing you the butter knife)? Do they turn into Ingredient Police and say “OK, but as long as you don’t use all the cheese, don’t use all the bread either and make sure there is enough for your little brother when he gets back from swimming lessons”.

Why not try the following ideas and ease your way into the kitchen domain:

  • pretend you have a school project which involves making your favourite grown-up an assistant chef who gets to do all the hard parts whilst you have all the creative ideas (and get all the credit).

  • compliment the regular cook in your household and offer to go food shopping so you can slip some of your favourite ingredients in the trolley.

  • buy a food magazine, leave it on your bedside table and look shocked when your olds ask you about it then offer to make the next family meal!

Hey, you might have some other ideas so let us know and we'll put them on this page.....

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