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How do you choose what you eat or where you go to eat? Lots of research has been done on this question and the answer is a combination of genes (whether you prefer sweet, salty, bitter, or umami (savoury) tastes) and learned behaviour (from your parents, peers, family, social occasions and whether certain foods have ever made you vomit).

YG is interested in what food you choose and why you choose it - do you eat carrots because they taste good or because your mum tells you? Do you drink fizzy cola (you know the ones we mean) because everyone else does or because they contain a huge amount of caffine and sugar? Tell us what you think.

What, Where, When and How do you like to eat and can you tell us all about it?

  • do ya want gravy with that lov? Country style hospitality can sort of catch you by surprise, in the most unexpected places. If you are travelling around country NSW, get whoever is driving to stop by ...
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