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food blogging

If you are a blogger or a writer, or a writer who should be a blogger and you are aged 16-18 years, why not enter a food blog in our 2007 Gastronomy Competition - become a member and download the food blog category details. Entries close 30 November 2007

what is a food blog?

To quote Owen Linderholm's forward from the book Digital Dish

"Food blogs aren’t just lists of recipes. They are accounts of inspired cooking and odes to the beauty and flavor and sensuousness of creation. And they are also travelogues that whisk you away to far off places, the rich history and culture of other lands. In a few moments you can be lifted away from your dreary desk and landed in the sun-soaked mediterranean, savoring a salty pissaladière, or down by the Bayou in Louisiana, almost hearing the ‘gators splash and sucking on the crawdad heads.

Food blogs are as varied as the cultural world on which they are overlaid. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some race to chronicle the latest fad. Others celebrate the long, slow sensuous joy of the natural seasons and harvests, and of making each food perfect in its own place and time. Some expound at length on the history and provenance of everything and anything. Others dash off a sublime snack in minutes. And they challenge each other to get better and better."

what makes a good food blog?

Cate (one of our food blog judges) says:

"A good food blog is one that fills a niche on the web. There are literally tens of thousands of food blogs out there, and the ones that rise to the top and stand out focus on filling a void, finding their voice early on, and sticking with it."

for example

If you missed the link in the previous paragraph, here it is again food blog judges & links to their blogs

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