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pauline plumb


Here are some fabulous examples of food art created by one of our esteemed competition judges, Pauline Plumb.

"Passionate about food, and having worked nationally and internationally for many years in a gourmet food company, several of her artworks involve objects and food itself, conveying the fragility and limited lifespan of such pieces, and the rich colour and beauty of fruit in particular. "

The art work to the right of this text is called "Dance" and it was made using Lotus leaves and Dragon Fruit 1200 x 55cm. The one on the left hand side of this page is called "...a berry long queue" using metal, berries (gooseberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) 180 x 60cm and the one on the top right is called "Top Dancers" made from metal, glass, motors, sauce tops 22 x 66cm (YG's favourite).

Read more about Pauline here

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