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Junior MC Episode 3

Just when we thought JMC had perhaps forgotten, now for the chicken!

interesting ingredients

The core ingredients for the invention test were vegetables and chicken which are pretty uninteresting really, but nevertheless, YG thought we could give you some extra facts about:

Then if you were really, really keen to know or grow a particular vegetable, then all you need to do is ask.

YG also noticed the judges used a term that sounded (dare we say it) wrong, like saying "spatchcock" is an ingredient which it isn't. Rather it is a way of butchering chicken or game birds so you can cook them flat. Sometimes it is referred to as "butterflying" because the flattened birds end up in a shape that resembles a butterfly (sort of). Here is a link to a blog which explains it further and shows a recipe for Spatchcocked Cornish Hen

recipes & things to try

You can now download the contestant's recipes from the Masterchef website. But PLEASE NOTE, some of the recipes say "untested" which suggests that they might contain errors (like listing "spatchcock, butterflied" as an ingredient) or they may not work when you cook them at home. Looks like the 12 winners from this week's episode have had their recipes "officially tested" so try them out and let us know!

Really yummy chow often has Potato Röstis (pronounced [ross-tee]) as a side dish. They are really easy to make, so try this recipe from Chef Jessica

Oh and roulade is a word used to describe a technique ie rolling something around a filling like the chicken dish made by Sam. In France, these chicken rolls might be known as paupiettes or if you are an Ameriacan Italian you might refer to them as braciole or in Germany you might make rouladens.

Wherever you are, a dish using the rolling technique could be called a roulade (pronounced [roo-laaaard]) because you are making a roll and in French:

* rouleau (n. m.) = a roll.
* rouler (v.) = to roll.

history, cuisine & culture

A cloche (pronounced [klosh]) is a bell-shaped cover for plates which keeps the food warm. It is another French cookery term with origins from the medieval latin word for bell ie 'clocca' and it is also the name for a stylish 1920s woman's hat or a cover for young plants.

any questions?

If you have any questions about anything else you saw on the show, please just ask

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