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If you are reading this page you are totally cool because you must care about your own and other people’s online safety. Some of the issues may not apply to the Young Gourmet website cause we don’t have things like chat rooms yet. But we do care about your Internet safety and really, really hate that the Internet is sometimes used for bad stuff, so read on and please take note!

  • Never give anyone online your personal info like address, last name, school name, passwords, email address or friends names.
  • Be cautious of people who ask you too many personal questions - especially if they won’t stop asking, even after you’ve told them no.
  • If anyone online asks things that make you uncomfortable, nervous or scared, stop communicating with them and tell you parent/carers. You can also send us an email at and be sure to include their name or "nickname" and some details about what happened.
  • Never agree to meet an online friend face to face unless your parent/carer knows about it and say its okay. The same applies for talking to anyone on the phone - always tell your parent/carer when someone asks to meet you or call you.
  • If you ever find a link on Young Gourmet that you think doesn’t belong (it has bad language or pics) email us right away and be sure to attach the URL.
  • Don't ever post pics of yourself or your friends and family without getting the okay from your parent/carers.
  • Don't register on a site or in a contest without your parent/carer’s permission.
  • Always read the Chat and Bulletin Board rules and guidelines before entering. This is important stuff to know otherwise you may break the rules and get kicked off.
  • Talk to a parent/carer before downloading anything (yep that means anything).
  • Don't believe everything you read. Lots of people like to make up stuff when they are online. It’s important to remember that the people you are chatting with may not be telling the truth about themselves.

If you have some more advice you think we should add here, please EMAIL US

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