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Send us a recipe and we will publish it! after we have tested it and find out if it tastes good (not gross).

Hmmm….a particularly good way to start is to think about what makes a good recipe:

    • No Assumptions (do not assume the reader knows anything about cooking)
    • Know Your Audience (this is a recipe for you and your friends)
    • Consistent, Correct, Comprehensive but Concise (these words say it all)
    • Note Critical Control Points (for health and safety)
    • Test The Recipe (or better still have someone else test it)
    • No Plagiarism (always quote your sources)

A comprehensive resource is The Recipe Writer's Handbook (Revised and Updated) by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann and Jane Baker published by J Wiley & Sons.

We also need parent/carer permission to publish your work, so please give us contact details for one of the responsible adults in your life.

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