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Get your school on ABC Radio!

So your school’s throwing its hat into the ring for Young Gourmet…now, how would you like your project on radio across Australia?

ABC Radio National’s Bush Telegraph program is searching for one city and one country school to vie for audience votes in a Young Gourmet radio competition. Here’s how it’ll work…

  • All schools wanting radio consideration need to advise Young Gourmet by email to or print and return this form (see below).
  • Six schools will initially be chosen – three from the city and three from country- to contend for the two places in our 2005 radio series.
  • The Bush Telegraph team, with input from our online audience guest book, will select the two finalists having listened to our coverage of their projects, and considered their viability and marketability.
  • Beginning first term of 2005, the two schools will provide weekly updates to Bush Telegraph listeners on the progress of their project.
  • Each school will follow the challenge as outlined in the Young Gourmet criteria.
  • In 2005, both schools will regularly put forward a number of project options on which Bush Telegraph listeners will vote online. These options could influence the way a product is grown, harvested, processed, produced and marketed.
  • Both schools can play two wild cards in the life of their project, where they can ignore the votes of the audience and choose another option. When playing their wild cards project managers will appear on Bush Telegraph to explain their decision and reveal the outcomes.
  • Entries close 12th Nov 2004

At all times the Bush Telegraph Young Gourmets will be part of the wider non-radio competition.

The difference is our two schools will have the benefit of the national market place (our audience) helping them make important decisions about the development of their product. At the completion of Young Gourmet Challenge, ABC Radio National will award a certificate of achievement to one of our two competing schools for the most successful project, based on audience popularity and product success.

The Bush Telegraph Young Gourmet Challenge is linked to the wider ‘Young Gourmet Gastronomy Competition 2005 - Farm to Table Challenge' but is operating independently of that competition.

All schools taking part in the wider competition are invited to apply for selection in the Bush Telegraph Challenge. Judgements made by Bush Telegraph will be made independently of the Young Gourmet Gastronomy Competition 2005 - Farm to Table Challenge.

Yes, our school would like to be considered for Bush Telegraph’s Young Gourmet competition

School Name:________________________________________________

Principal:_________________________________ Ph:_______________


Print this page and return to Young Gourmet by fax 02 9979 9443 or mail PO Box 372 Newport Beach NSW 2106

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