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the tasks

the tasks (there should be at least two choices prepared for each decision)

Task 1: Research
Decision 1: Choose a Regional Food

Prepare a list of potential products based on the nominated food and method, taking into consideration:

a) Current unmet consumer needs and existing retail outlets
b) Availability of ingredients and capacity to source or grow them
c) Accessibility of local expertise and production facilities
d) Practical application of traditional or artisan methods
e) Estimated time-line, costs and potential problems.

Task 2: Supply
Decision 2: The Raw Ingredient to Grow and How to Farm

Establish supply of ingredients and identify at least one item to grow or farm, taking into consideration:

a) Gardening or farming facilities (area, tools, availability)
b) Growing methods (permaculture, organic, water usage, soil)
c) Seasonality, cultivation time, potential failure rates.
d) Time for student training and development of efficacy
e) Available student resources

Task 3: Develop
Decision 3: Select a Production Recipe

Develop and test product variations including, size, shape, flavouring, colouring with regard to:

a) Traditional or artisan methods (or an innovative interpretation)
b) Existing/potential product uses plus storage and transport
c) Consumer preference survey
d) Retailer preference survey
e) An expert or panel of experts to judge and score. (1)

(1) In accordance with the requirements for a Royal
Agricultural Show entry or by the judging criteria
supplied by Young Gourmet.

Task 4: Finance
Decision 4: Establish the Selling Price

Determine selling price based on:

a) Identified production & marketing costs (fixed & variable)
b) Potential customers (and their willingness to pay)
c) Established supplies (including grown/farmed raw ingredient)
d) Available sponsorship or grant monies
e) Desired fundraising target

Task 5: Brand
Decision 5: Create a Brand Statement & Product Name

Identify and define a unique marketing position and brand based on previous tasks and:

a) Desired brand personality and voice (how it relates to the humans who consume it)
b) Creating a clear and memorable market position
c) Advertising and promotion ideas
d) Existing competition
e) Target market research

Task 6: Design
Decision 6: Select Packaging and Labelling

Design and develop a range of logos, labels, boxes, bags and point of sale materials based on:

a) Clear communication of Brand (colours, font style, descriptions)
b) Storage, transport and display (opportunities, risks)
c) Available packaging resources (recyclable, cost)
d) Regulations (nutrition panels, use by dates, temperatures)
e) Challenge team preferences

Task 7: Produce
Decision 7: Production Quantity

Create and implement a food production plan with reference to Task 3 and attention to:

a) Available student resources
b) Production time
c) Safe working conditions
d) Food safety regulations for production, storage and transport
e) Potential sales and quantity estimates

Task 8: Sell
Decision 8: Choose an Advertisement and Press Release

Create and implement a sales and marketing campaign with reference to Tasks 5 & 6 and attention to:

a) Available budget
b) Sales team SWOT analysis
c) Advertising opportunities
d) Sponsorship opportunities
e) Community awareness and support

Task 9: Report
Decision 9: Report Cover Page & Executive Summary

Compile a Report by task and decisions (no more than 2 pages each) including:

a) Reasons for the decision made at the end of each task
b) Comments or scores from the panel of experts
c) Retail success or failure and consumer opinions
d) Stories from the team members
e) Images, drawings or graphics

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