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Our School:

The Canobolas Rural Technology High School 142 Icely Road ORANGE NSW 2800
Ms Kerry Pinnell – Agriculture Teacher Phone: 02 6362 1677 Fax: 02 6362 4481

Our School “Region”:

Orange is located 3.5 hours west of Sydney and 3 hours north west of Canberra in Central NSW.

The Orange district offers a diverse range of experiences and is rich in its offerings of food and wine, history and heritage. Often described as the ‘food basket of the state’, the area is diverse agriculturally with livestock enterprises including: sheep raised for wool, meat and milk; cattle for beef and dairy; Angora goats for mohair; fairy goats for milk, milk powder and cheeses; Boer goats for meat; pigs and poultry; alpacas and a variety of aquaculture.

Our Product:

Goats Milk Cheese

Dairy goats were brought to Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip on the First Fleet to provide milk and meat for the colony. Worldwide, goats play an important role in developing countries. Today in Australia dairy goat keeping is not only for people on small acreage, the hobbyist or for people with allergies and lactose intolerance – it is a significant and growing industry particularly in this region. The Orange region – Central Tablelands embraces many prominent Diary Goat Studs and commercial cheese making enterprises.

Our School Statement:

Canobolas Rural technology High School is a school that in partnership with all students, staff, parents and community strives for each and every student to excel in a broad range of areas and activities. We are dedicated to providing excellence in agricultural education through quality teaching and employment at technology which leads to industry standards in agricultural production. The agricultural students at the school are very committed to the Young Gourmet Farm to Table Challenge.

Our nominated production – goat cheese – will be greatly valued as a product as it reflects an extension of the successful animal management of our Cabalo Dairy Goat Stud. It is a prominent stud run by the school with the highest disease free accreditation status. Animals from this stud are also consistent broad ribbon winners at Royal Shows. The artisan method calls on a “skilled craftsman to produce manually a crafted and decorative or utilitarian product”. Skills will certainly be developed by all team members involved. These skills will lead us on to “believing value lies in the usefulness and goodness” of our product. We believe our champion goats will produce champion cheeses, given maximum effort and cohesive teamwork.

The project will again extend community involvement in projects at the school. The region is known to several cheese makers who have agreed to demonstrate some basic techniques and to answer ongoing questions from the student team. A team of taste-testers is already on board – our discerning staff members and discerning young gourmets of the student body. The team is already at work investigating recipes from web sites and cheese making methods and procedures

Problem solving methods will revolve around teamwork, team communication and communication with professional and commercial cheese makers. The Internet and web sites will also be of benefit whilst time will be our biggest assistance with disaster recovery.

The rewards for input of time and effort, planning and organisation, dedication, teamwork and loyalty to the project and product will be:

  • In the development of skills in research and reporting, literacy, use of technology, assessment, evaluation
  • Contact and communication with skilled people in industry and experts in production marketing and the food trade
  • Learning by trial and error
  • Development of good team work ethic, encouragement and cohesiveness
  • A quality product

Our product is targeted at consumers who enjoy investigating exotic new food – this embraces so many people of all ages in our community today – also our product will offer appeal to those who are lactose intolerant. Today people are interested in sampling and tasting new and exotic foods and cultivating their palate. Parents also take an active role in broadening their child’s appreciation of new foods. Our product aims to appeal to all – young and old.

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