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St Hilda's

Our School:

St Hilda’s School, 52 High Street, Southport QLD 4215
Mrs Janelle Maurer, HOF Business & Enterprise, Phone: 07 5532 4922

Our School “Region”:

St Hilda’s is located on at Southport on the Gold Coast of Queensland where permaculture and organic gardening principles have been in use since the area was settled.

Our Product:

Market Garden Herbs and Vegetables

Our School Statement:

St. Hilda's seeks to provide the following for its students:

  • An opportunity to experience living and working in a community whose values are based on Christianity and the traditions of the Anglican Communion.
  • Opportunities to develop ethical and moral values, self esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of worth as human beings and women, in the context of the contemporary world, acknowledging their own gifts and challenges.
  • Encouragement of personal best for each student in all that she undertakes.
  • A caring learning environment where we try to support the spiritual, emotional, psychological, academic and physical growth of each student.

Students are encouraged to participate in social issues such as Community Service, Health and the Environment. The benefits for students participating in the Farm to Table Challenge will include; how growing their own food can help to improve health and how the wider community can be involved in learning within the school. It is anticipated that students will be able to transfer new skills learnt and take them home to teach their parents. If the students are enthusiastic the parents will become enthusiastic.

The purpose of the school’s involvement is:

  • To make the students more aware of how we interact with our environment.
  • To learn how to reduce waste.
  • To learn how to care for the environment.
  • To develop an understanding of conservation.
  • To develop a responsibility to help maintain an environment that is fit for present and future generations.

Problem solving will be part of the learning process. Students will need to learn that if plants are watered in the middle of the day, it is important to water them only around the roots and avoid the foliage – otherwise it will burn in the sun. Students will need to identify which herbs or vegetables grow best in which season and change the crop accordingly.
The garden will be designed to ensure the students experience rewards for their efforts. Plants will be grown in beds or in tyres that have been donated by the locate tyre shop. Students will learn that above ground gardens do not need digging and you do not need to have a big yard to create a garden. Manure will come from the horses that live nearby at the racetrack.
The opportunity will exist to engage some parents and other local community members at a different level. This group of people might not be confident with participating in the reading program or the tuckshop but because they are good gardeners, they may help out in the garden.
Students may make salad sandwiches, herb muffins or pesto pasta depending on the crop. The target market will include the students of the school, local senior citizens and residents of Abri the nearby Anglican aged peoples home. A market day will be held at the end of each semester where students will be able to sell their wares.

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