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Our School:

Darlington State School MS 413, Kerry Road BEAUDESERT QLD 4285
Les Beckman – Principal Phone: 07 5544 8137 Fax: 07 5544 8271

Our School “Region”:

The school is in the Logan Beaudesert Educational District, 30 km south of Beaudesert on the banks of the Albert River.

The school is in the Albert River Valley in an area which started with timber cutting in the 1880’s, and saw many rural pursuits develop is the area was cleared. Produce included wool, dairy and pumpkins. The “Beaudesert Blue” pumpkin became more widely known as the “Queensland Blue” as its popularity grew. The area remains predominantly rural in nature with beef and dairy with a few pumpkin holdings continuing.

Our Product:

Organic Pumpkins

The pumpkin will form the focus of the children’s endeavours, as it was until recently an integral element of the shire logo until recently stylized in a move to modernize the graphics. The food will be grown with traditional hand cultivation in an organic way to replicate the endeavours of the early farming methods.

Our School Statement:

The school mission statement - “Darlington children learn to grow, to become more aware in a happy, caring environment” reflects the metaphorical and literal value of the school community in an effort to recognize the importance of farming to the district and its influence on our children. The children have enthusiastically accepted the challenge as part of their project club activities.

The pumpkin is still considered an integral symbol of the development of agriculture to the region. Organic pumpkin farmers have offered to act as consultants for the project and have provided the children with inspiration and information which the children have responded to well. The children have contacted the Department Primary Industries and received booklets outlining best practice for the cultivation of pumpkins.

The children have committed to a culmination activity of providing an information and produce stall at the official opening of the School’s new outdoor performance area – an activity co-ordinated by the P & C Association. The proceeds from the stall at the opening will be used to purchase gardening equipment and plants to further enhance the grounds work of the children and assist in the success of the opening

Over the coming months, the children have committed to identifying the nature of value added activities to ensure maximum rewards for their efforts

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