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Our School:

Westminster School, Alison Avenue, Marion SA 5043
Jane Horton, Phone: 08 8276 0361

Our School “Region”:

Westminster School is situated in the suburb of Marion, 11 km southwest of the city of Adelaide, on 23 hectares of beautiful, spacious grounds. It is only 15 minutes' drive from Adelaide International Airport.

Whilst the School is situated within suburban Adelaide, at the time the land was purchased, the entire region of Marion was farming land. Westminster School has a strong history of teaching Agricultural and Horticultural Science to students, dating back to the very early days of its history. The School has its own farm, Sturt Grove, which produces a myriad of products for public sale and consumption, including wine and table grapes, free-range eggs, olives, vegetables and herbs, as well as goat-, chicken-, sheep- and beef-meat. Whilst some of these enterprises are small on a commercial scale, the farm is self-funding and provides a wonderful accompaniment to classroom studies farming systems. Students are involved in all aspects of production and employ a variety of modern-day and historical, artisan farming methods.

Our Product:
A Range of Organic Foods

Due to the diversity of foods produced at Westminster School, we have decided upon not one but several foods that will be incorporated into our “regional food” product. These include chicken, lamb, vegetables, grapes, herbs, eggs and native saltbush. All of these foods have been grown in the Marion region at some point in its history since the settlement of South Australia in 1836. Students at different year levels, under expert supervision, will be responsible for raising crops and stock

Our School Statement:

Westminster School is a member of the Kurt Hahn “Round Square” group of schools. This is a worldwide grouping of schools whose ethos is based on the principles of the IDEALS.

  • Internationalism
  • Democracy
  • Environment
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service

We perceive that all these pillars could be serviced through our commitment to this challenge.

The Prince Alfred College community originally founded Westminster School in the 1960’s as the need for a second Uniting Church Boarding School for Boys, in Adelaide, was recognised. The School is now a coeducational day and boarding school catering to the needs of over a thousand students from Reception to Year 12. There are over 120 boarders at the School making it the largest boarding school in the state of South Australia. Our boarders come from all over Australia including agricultural properties in SA, the NT, QLD, NSW, VIC and WA.

The Farm to Table Challenge will involve a number of faculties including Agricultural Studies, Home Economics, Science and Studies of Society and Environment. The foods produced by Year 9 students (who will be the year level involved) include a range of organic vegetable, free-range eggs and hormone free chickens. The students at this stage work to artisan methods, in terms of caring for the vegetables and life stock, to develop an appreciation of the history of farming and to be able to put into context the need for less labour intensive methods of production as societal demands increase.

The students will be working across faculties and in faculty based teams to achieve their goals. They will also become involved with the wider community in developing an understanding of the historical significance in terms of their local area, and in the marketing and assessment of their product. They will trial a range of recipes using a variety of produce to select the most appropriate final product. This will also provide a safety net if there is a problem with any aspect of production at the culmination of this project.

The development of a team spirit is already evident within our school groups who work to achieve common goals; this will be further advanced by participation in such a project. Many of the tasks need to be completed out of lesson time and working as a group means they need to take personal responsibility for letting the rest of the team down in any way.

The students will work with the school’s catering manager to determine a target audience, how to effectively evaluate the product and how to make their product ‘value-added’. The school has it’s own shop front as well as catering for a variety of functions.

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