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St Mary's

Our School:

St Mary’s Star of the Sea College Market Street, Wollongong NSW 2500
Ms Sandy Passlow, TAS Faculty, Phone: 02 4228 6011 Fax: 02 4229 8555

Our School “Region”:

Wollongong is a large regional centre, approximately 90 kilometres south of Sydney. It has a population of 380,000 people who share a range of environs, from Coastal to lakes, rainforests and escarpments, islands and estuaries.

Our Product:


The region boasts one of the best mushroom growing ventures at Albion Park. They have a fabulous range, which can be used in a wide range of dishes. The methods used for growing these mushrooms, is both traditional and artisan in nature. This is due to the varieties grown and requirement each variety must have to maximise their growth and production. These mushrooms are marketed through local shopping centres and retailers and they are an integral part of diverse restaurant and club scene.

Our School Statement:

Our College seeks to encourage students to pursue academic excellence and to

  • Recognise the skills and abilities of all. We strive to identify, nurture and
  • Support diverse learning styles through flexible learning situations and
  • Teaching programs.

Our college is an Independent now Systemic Catholic College located at the eastern end of the CBD of Wollongong. The College caters for over 1100 girls, from Year 7 to 12 from 67 different cultural groups.

To facilitate our commitment to this proposal, our College will target students who would benefit from this experience and are willing to do their best to represent the College in the Young Gourmet Farm to Table Challenge. By accessing local growers and using restaurateurs, our students will be able to complete the challenge competently.

Teamwork will be essential so students can brainstorm, research, write and present work together. It will also give them a chance to identify and utilise each others talents and to be supportive and encouraging of one another by utilising a design process that has embedded in it, decision making and problem solving, students will be able to anticipate possible disasters and ensure recovery processes. Leadership and team play will reflect on the team’s enthusiasm for the task their loyalty to the process and dedication to the process. Their target market will be for the café scene. Young upwardly mobile people who eat out regularly and are courageous enough to try new foods and new dishes.

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