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Our School:

A joint proposal between year 11 students at Harvey Senior High School and the Year 10 students of the WA College Of Agriculture.
Harvey Senior High School, Ms Marie Nilsson Phone: 08 9729 1303
WA College of Agriculture, Mr Neale Armstrong Phone: 08 9729 0500

Our School “Region”:

Harvey is located 160 km south of Perth in Western Australia it has a Mediterranean climate and is the centre of the dairy industry and many forms of horticulture including citrus, grapes, floriculture, vegetable production.

Our Product:

A Food Range from Dairy & Fruits

It is proposed that year 11 students from the neighbouring high school will team up with year 10 students from the College for a six month period beginning January 2005 and concluding June 2005 in the production, harvesting, processing and marketing systems of several different foodstuffs.

A variety of different value added products (eg. butter, cream, ice cream, milk ) from the College dairy. Preservatives made from the College produced garden ( eg marmalade or strawberry jam ) will be used to prepare and serve afternoon tea. The students will be shown traditional methods of procurement; preparation and assembly will include milking and churning, separation of milk product by hand, preserves without artificial preservatives.

Our Joint School Statement:

The College and Senior High school enter into this commitment because of the significant learning experience that can be made available to students, which enables them to obtain skills and make positive contribution to society. It also fits into courses of study at both sites. Students will learn the skills and value the food production process from production to consumption.

These products are central to the areas in which the students come from and possibly employment opportunities created. Many of the artisan methods have been lost and health issues affecting modern society are dictating the need to quality assure that which is in the food production pipeline. Our aim is to raise student awareness of the traditional process.

Students from neighbouring schools rarely get the opportunity to work together for a mutual end point. By entering into this form of relationship, students will form bonds and value each other’s backgrounds. The community will be involved through customer connection by making the product available at the College open day, researching the accessibility of local expertise, which abounds in this district.

Rewards for the students will be intrinsic and extrinsic; we will benchmark several levels of profit, which can be rewarded extrinsically with reward excursions. Aspects of this process will form part of student assessment as part of their courses of study in the Technology and Enterprise learning area. The Farm to Table Challenge project will be entered into the annual Westralian Value Adding Quest.

The West Australian College of Agriculture at Harvey hosts an Open day on the last Saturday in May each year.
Several hundred visitors tour both sites and refreshment is required at different times and across the two sites.
The Open day is scheduled for May 29th, food production will occur prior to the event to allow time for any mishaps to be rectified. Supply is not expected to be an issue as the College is a commercial producer in the majority of raw product needed. Should one form of fruit fail, another form will be used. Students will cultivate more than one crop.

Some 400 –500 members of the public plus staff and fellow students are expected at the College Open Day in May and by making available the product in the form of afternoon tea eg. muffin (based on the products produced), along with ice cream, tea, coffee and flavoured milks.

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