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Daylesford - bullboars

BullboarLogoYG reckons the team from Daylesford Secondary College are awesome!! They carried on with their project despite serious protests from various animal liberation groups who caused a media storm. YG thinks all the time spent on this issue meant they couldn't concentrate on the final report, which is what was judged as far as this competition goes. It didn't really matter, they got some fantastic publicity for their school, they were filmed for SBS Good Food Lovers Guide and spoke at a Slow Food Conferece - pretty cool eh? Click on the Bullboar logo and check out their website which has all the amazing details. YG has extracted the following summary from their final report...

The Daylesford Secondary College project team consists of 12 students across Years 9 to 11. Their interests and strengths range from food technology to art to IT to economics to biology. They are all volunteers and undertook the project work in their own time.

Task 1: The group decided to make bullboars, a type of sausage created in our region by Northern Italian and Swiss migrants who stayed after the 1853 goldrush. It is pending classification as an endangered product with the International Slow Food Association and it belongs to us.

Task 2: It was decided to source ingredients from free range and organic suppliers which is what we call them today but in those days it was just how everybody grew their food.

Task 3: It was decided to use the Gervasoni and Sartori family recipes as these were the most popular at the consumer taste testing we conducted at the Hepburn Springs Swiss Italian Festa.

Task 4: We decided to set 3 prices. We knew we had to achieve a price of $20 per kilo over the whole batch run to meet fundraising targets.

Task 5: We created a brand statement based around the unique, traditional, hand crafted and organic nature of the product because our research showed a strong and growing market for products of this type.

Task 6: The cryovac packaging was chosen because it showed off the natural visual appeal of the product, more easily complied with local and state food regulations and lengthened the use by date.

Task 7: Production quantity was dependent upon the boned weight of the animals. As our public profile increased we decided to double the amount of sausages to fill market demand.

Task 8: We always felt that our marketing position was strong and would elicit a good amount of free publicity so the advert we chose was a simple (and cheap) block display ad for the information of our most local market.

Task 9: Why did we choose to go ahead with the project after all the controversy? After listening to his [the main protestor's] and many other different opinions we had to decide one way or the other as the competition was soon coming to an end. We decided to go ahead as the animals were purchased for that reason in the first place and it was mostly people from outside the local community trying to stop us.

We were still worried about the school’s future reputation and consulted the school council. They re-affirmed their support for the project.

Maurice Gervasoni was chosen [as a judge] because he is a keeper of his family recipe and a lifetime maker of Italian sausages. Mary Ellis is a well credentialled chef and experienced food retailer. Colin Mitchell is vice-president of Slow Food Victoria, sponsor of our project and widely known as having an excellent palate.
The Glenlyon Food and Wine Fayre product launch was very successful. The bullboars sold like hot cakes, and in the days following we were still getting requests for more from all over the place, even Melbourne. The high demand on the bullboars is still ongoing. We have had a lot of requests from people asking us when we are going to make some more.

  • Our School: Daylesford Secondary College, Smith Street, Daylesford VIC 3460 Phone: 03 5348 2367 Fax: 03 5348 2449 Our School “Region”: The Daylesford region of...
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