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What is so interesting about eggs? Well we here at YG reckon eggs are pretty cool because:

  • they are always the same shape for every bird
  • you can get chocolate eggs at easter time
  • they have lots of hidden bits inside their SHELL like MEMBRANES (outer & inner), an AIR CELL, a YOLK, ALBUMEN (both thick & thin which turns into the white part when cooked), GERMINAL DISC (or baby chicken cell that looks like a speck) the VITELLINE MEMBRANE (another one covering the yolk) and the CHALAZAE (that anchors the egg yolk).
  • they float if they are not fresh
  • if you spin a raw egg it wobbles
  • eggs with white shells are layed by hens with white feathers and white ear lobes
  • a hen can lay about 250 eggs per year
  • the smallest egg is layed by a Vervain Hummingbird
  • the largest egg is layed by an Ostrich
  • they are see through when held up to a light
  • holding eggs up to a light to see inside is called candeling
  • if you store an egg properly for a week it can be fresher than an egg left at room temperature for one day
  • salmonella bacteria dies when eggs are cooked
  • people fight against battery egg farming
  • without eggs there would be no meringues or pavlovas!


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