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The food everyone likes to eat and there is just sooooooo much written about it, all YG has to do is link you to the following websites:

  • All about chocolate from Chocomap
  • How to Temper (warning, very long, technical explanation)
  • Jacques Torres is a choclatier from the USA who has posted a video showing how to temper chocolate. YG like's the way he makes it sound easy, and his French accent (for authenticity) and the way he suggests swapping a heat gun for a hair dryer!
  • Chocolate Q&A from Australian Choclatiers Haigs

Remember to think about where the chocolate you buy comes from because there are big issues around slavery and all that bad stuff. If you are interested to know more, then listen to this interview Bitter Chocolate audio download or you can join the Australian campaign by World Vision to Demand Ethical Chocolate

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