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interesting ingredients

Just what is in that food? We thought you might be interested to know about ingredients - they are the raw materials that go into whatever you eat.

Some ingredients are hidden, some are not real, some are organic, some are numbers some are even secret.

YG sleuths will get to the truth! We will tell you what ingredients are, what they do and how they get into your food.

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  • It might not sound so nice when you say we are eating bird for dinner tonight, but hey as the saying goes "if it looks like a duck...."
  • Biologically speaking, Crustaceans is a term used to describe the largest group of marine anthropods. Anthropoda are a classified under the Phylum taxonomic rank. (YG's brain hurts now from all that...
  • So much to say on the topic of fish.....
  • The food everyone likes to eat and there is just sooooooo much written about it, all YG has to do is link you to the following websites: All about chocolate from Chocomap How to Temper (warning, very ...
  • Ah, the spices of life... here is some information on just a few.
  • What is so interesting about eggs? Well we here at YG reckon eggs are pretty cool because: they are always the same shape for every bird you can get chocolate eggs at easter time they have lots of...
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