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food art

Food can be found in all forms of art and is depicted using a diverse range of media. Food and food themes are often used because food is an everyday item and therefore has the ability to convey “meaning” to a wide audience.

You will find examples of food in historical art works. Typically the images depict eating scenes, food production, food harvest or still life compositions. Your local museum or art gallery may also have many examples. Sometimes the food itself is considered to be art, like the decorations on cakes or the way food is constructed on the plate. Food is also used as the art medium, like sculpting with chocolate or butter. You can also describe Table Art (plates, glassware, ornaments), Restaurant Design (atmosphere, status) or Animation (advertising, comedy, techniques) as food art too!

  • This is a competition we were planning to run as part of our involvement with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2008.... but we didn't. So, here it is anyway for your information and do doubt we...
  • Australian's Love a Party Kate Dawson, winner of the SA Gastronomy Competition 2003 - Food Art Category. "After hearing about your competition, I decided to submit my piece of art, a plate of party...
  • Here are some fabulous examples of food art created by one of our esteemed competition judges, Pauline Plumb. "Passionate about food, and having worked nationally and internationally for many years...
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