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food media

Ahhhhh! Food Media! It's all over me! Get it off!

As you might have noticed lately. The media, is full of references to food:

  • Restaurant reviews
  • News on the latest obesity study
  • Umpteendozenzillion food magazines
  • Food TV
  • Food Radio
  • Food Blogs

YG will turn super sleuth once again, and dive into the murky media bucket to expose the tricks and techniques behind what you see, read and hear. Shhh... you never know, we might even find out some juicy goss!

  • Fruit, Pheasant or fish, take your pick as the last eight contestants battle it out to see if their cuisine reigns supreme (d'oh sorry wrong show), we meant to see who could bake, roast, fry, shop...
  • "There is nothing worse than a wonky dish" and according to George, the way to avoid wonkyness, is to learn basic skills and techniques. The first skill is to whip cream by hand (but YG figures if...
  • The pressure test ingredient was Duck, prepared with an Asian theme so out came loads of dumplings, noodles and salads. So did a very tricky four layered chocolate cake which took, to quote cooking...
  • (Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but we thought the food in the Cooking for a School Tuckshop Challenge in Episode 5 was pretty lame (apart from maybe the tuile biscuit) so we've concentrated on the FAB...
  • Now the competition is down to the final 12 so the cooking is getting pretty serious. Also serious, is the issue of Poverty, and this episode happened to air on the day that Australia begins...
  • Just when we thought JMC had perhaps forgotten, now for the chicken! interesting ingredients The core ingredients for the invention test were vegetables and chicken which are pretty uninteresting...
  • The battle of the proteins - fish, rabbit, lamb and.... oh, sorry no chicken - lots of skill, tricky techniques and fresh ingredients produced plenty of amazing dishes: interesting ingredients...
  • Nope, no comment about the contestants, the judges, the competition....YG watched along with almost everyone else in the country and we thought you might like to know more about the foodie bits:...
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