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KFC secret spices

Just What Are Your Fingers Lickin' ?

For years, Colonel Harland Sanders carried the secret formula for his Kentucky Fried Chicken in his head and the spice mixture in his car. Today, the recipe is locked away in a safe in Louisville, Kentucky. Only a handful of people know that multi-million dollar recipe (and they've signed strict confidentiality contracts).

The Colonel developed the formula back in the 1930s when he operated a roadside restaurant and motel in Corbin, Kentucky. His blend of 11 herbs and spices developed a loyal following of customers at the Sanders Court & Cafe.

"I hand-mixed the spices in those days like mixing cement," the Colonel recalled, "on a specially cleaned concrete floor on my back porch in Corbin. I used a scoop to make a tunnel in the flour and then carefully mixed in the herbs and spices."

Today, security precautions protecting the recipe would make even James Bond proud.

One company blends a formulation that represents only part of the recipe. Another spice company blends the remainder. A computer processing system is used to safeguard and standardize the blending of the products, but neither company has the complete recipe.

YG is interested to know how each KFC franchise around the world gets it right? Or do they ship the spice blend to each store from Kentucky? If anyone knows, please send an email to


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