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The Young Gourmet Gastronomy Competition 2005 is over (boo hoo) so we proudly present our winners & finalists CONGRATULATIONS we are applauding and cheering all your hard work.

Competition Winners & Finalists are:

Food Literature - Poetry (Years 7&8) about food and the elements (earth, air, fire, water).

1st Place Gwylim Klippel-Cooper for “Grandma’s Copper Bowl” (Glenunga International High School SA)
My number one criteria for a good poem is whether it makes you feel something. I was right there the whole time in this poem. Nothing “threw me out of the saddle,” and the ending was very satisfying. Oustanding!
A very accomplished cinquain, with some wonderful imperfect rhymes (eg. ‘so’ and ‘bowl’). There are some very clear images in this poem, and it’s sensitively written too. Very impressive! Keeping writing Gwylim!
Shared 2nd: Nick Potter for “FIRE” (Exmouth District High School WA)
Very amusing and punchy. Some acrostic poems can seem too easy and obvious, this is not one of those. This piece gets straight to the point. A shopping list of pleasure.
Short and sweet - what I like best about this poem is that the acrostic portion really is as much a part of the poem as the lines themselves.
Shared 2nd: Lucy Strom for “Chocolate” (Exmouth District High School WA)
Lines like ' grumbling earthquaking tummy' are inventive and evocative. It is also a very confident poem: Lush language that flows down the page like the “waterfall of taste”. I’d suggest having a go at this poem in free verse. It would be exciting to see where it went. Well done!
3rd Place: “Pizza” - Jordon Bone (Rockingham Senior High School WA)
I like the way Jordan plays with language, creating new words like “meatza” and “cheeza” and “doppy” and “zee pizza man.”
This poem jumps off the page and would be a dazzling performance piece. It’s lot’s of fun! And so much energy in each line. You also get a sense that the author is a real character. Some wonderful alliteration in there too. Well done!
Finalist: “Apples” - Teresa Harvey
Finalist: “Elements Stew” - Emily Milroy

Food Literature - Short Story (Years 9&10) about "The Future of Food" or "Food of the Future".

1st Place: Alex Komis for “The Future of Food: what is in that pill?”
Great tension from line one. Alex is an avid reader.
Good flow and tension, the hanging ending works well.
Shared 2nd/3rd: Bridget Doyle “Future of Food: a burger through the looking glass”
Imagination and lateral thinking – I like it!
I like her grasp of the way trends change.
Shared 2nd/3rd: - Erin Reghenzani for “Forbidden Temptations: a tale of snake innards”
Entertains, flows, humour and message delivery well handled.
Imaginative and slightly silly. Good writing.
Finalist: Jean Borg - junk food will never taste the same again
Finalist: Elise Lawler - how we came to love genetic engineering
Special Mention: Genevieve Calder for "Lola: the Christmas Chicken"

Recipe Writing - for all students - create a recipe that relates to the elements (earth, air, fire, water).]

1st Place: Alexander Rodriguez – “Salmonius Perfectus” (St Francis Xavier College Canberra ACT)
A terrific sense of storytelling, creativity and a natural approach to food. He has fulfilled the criteria in a succinct and lucid style, perhaps he’ll finish up as a TV Chef!
Shared 2nd: Anna-Lee Folk – “Wholesome Fruity Anzac Biscuits” (St Paul’s Grammar Cranebrook NSW)
Terrific research here and really taking on board the themes. An excellent variation on the traditional recipe and very personal too as it’s her grandfathers recipe which inspired her. Congratulations on painstaking research.
Shared 2nd: Hannah Jurd – “Spinach & Strawberry Salad” (St Paul’s Grammar Cranebrook NSW)
I like this recipe very much. It is an interesting combination of ingredients that would go well together. Using strawberries for a savoury salad is an exciting concept and obviously it is a family favourite so it must taste good.
3rd Place Amey-Lee Solly – “Garden Fresh Salad with Chicken & Pasta” (Hawker Area School (388km north of Adelaide) SA)
A very delicious sounding dish for summer. Great to see a creative approach by using ingredients growing in the garden. Well done.
Finalist: Jake Rennie - King Prawns with Summer Sauce
Finalist: Alison Jones - Halloween Pumpkin Bake
Finalist: Tom Garvey - Three Cheese Pizza
Finalist: Tom Thornton - Ausseur Sauce with Fillet Steak

Farm to Table Challenge - HUGE

Students, Teachers and Community from the following schools have been on an amazing journey - we will publish their stories soon.
1st Place: ME n U Pies - Trinity College SA
2nd Place: Bullboar Sausages - Daylesford Secondary College VIC
3rd Place: Individual Gourmet Cheesecakes -Ravenshoe State School QLD
Special Mention: The Pumpkin Project - Darlington State School QLD

Finalist: Huon Apple Tea Cakes - Huonville High School TAS
Finalist: Lemon Mint Cordial - Irymple Secondary College VIC
Finalist: Smoked Abalone - Margaret River Senior High School WA
Finalist: Gourmet Chicken Curry - Mindarie Senior College Class 12.1 WA

Other Categories:

Food Art - for all students - any media you like so long as it depicts food and the elements (earth, air, fire, water) - ok, so there were no entries this year - what happened??

Youth Debate at Tasting Australia - a debating team will be selected from students aged between 16-18 yrs - unfortunately this has been deferred until 2007.

growing up / cooking food / knowing how / feeling good