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judges - food blog

Here are the judges for our Food Literature - Food Blog category. We've given them their own page as they are a deserving bunch of very talented folk - we praise and thank their generosity - sign up to their blog feeds immediately!

Ed Charles - The Tomato Blog

Ed's Dogs Sniffing TrufflesEd is a Melbourne-based – that’s Australia, not Florida – freelance journalist and food blogger. He currently has a weekly column in the Citystyle section of the Herald Sun and regularly writes for the Entrepreneur, Wealth and Indulgence sections of The Australian. From 1996 to 2000 Ed was editor of Ad News in Sydney, a period during which he completely revamped the title and paid circulation nearly doubled. (YG says: Wow!) Prior to that he worked in London on business-to-business titles for VNU (Business Age), Haymarket (PR Week) and Centaur (Corporate Money). (YG says: Don’t ever call Ed a foodie cuz it makes him utter the other F word – a lot! Ed is secretly training his dogs, one to hunt for truffles, the other for porcini mushrooms.)

Karen Cheng - The Karen Cheng Blog

Karen ChengKaren runs a popular, award winning website about parenting, art, design, food, fashion, photography, online shopping and the beautiful quirks of life. She is a web designer, mother of two, living in Western Australia. She’s worked in a number of jobs – as an art director, graphic designer, web and multimedia designer, photographer and illustrator. "The last job I had, I was working from home as a freelance web and graphic designer. Now I’m a stay at home mum. It's hard work and the pay is crap. But it’s heaps of fun, full of laughter, satisfaction and inspiration." (YG says: Now check out Karen’s blogging credentials – she’s awesome.)
Finalist for The 2006 & 2005 Bloggie Awards for Best Designed Weblog & the 2006 Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog, Finalist for 2005 Australia’s Best Blog (Smartyhost), Winner of 2006 Best Designed Australian Blog, 3rd Place for 2006 Best Overall Australian Blog, Winner of 2005 Western Australian Weblog Awards, Nominated for the 1999 Telstra/AFR Australian Internet Awards.

Cate O'Malley - The Well Fed Network

Cate O'MalleyFor as long as Cate can remember, she has loved writing and had yearned to be a freelance journalist when she grew up. When she moved out on her own for the first time, Cate discovered a second passion - cooking. Now, many years later, she still has a love for both and started blogging in an effort to combine them and contributes to The Well Fed Network. She is obsessed with cookbooks, food/cooking magazines, and, well, anything related to food. Joining the food blogging community makes Cate feel “great to be among others who get the obsession.”

Anthony Georgeff - Spice Blog

AnthonyAnthony Georgeff is the editor and part-owner of Spice ( - a Western Australian food magazine that covers local producers and chefs. Started in 2005, Spice is now onto its seventh edition and is his fifth as editor. Before this, he faffed about in the kitchen in his spare time and wrote about it on his blog. For reasons still unclear, this led to recognition in local and international awards, newspapers, and magazines as well the opportunity to peel and chop up vegetables at the very excellent Jackson's restaurant. Anthony is neither a professional chef, journalist or photographer and lies awake some nights worrying that he really shouldn't, by rights, be doing what he's doing.

Janet - The Old Foodie

Janet - The Old FoodieJanet is a self-confessed Food History Information Junkie!
She has an extensive collection of historical recipes and interesting (nay, whimsical) facts about food which she shares on her blog.
(YG asks: how does she find all these facts in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?)
The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu.

Jeanne - Cooksister

Jeanne - CooksisterThis sister is originally from South Africa but now finds herself in London.
Whilst she spends her day busily working in a legal way, her spare time is spent blogging so she can share her burgeoning interest in cooking, photography and blogging with us all. For those of you who take a look and wonder, EoMEoTE means End of Month Eggs on Toast Extravaganza!
(YG says: Yes, Cooksister is yet another award wining blog)
Winner of the Best South African Food Blog 2005 & 2006 and runner up in 2007

Jamie Wodetzki - The Breakfast Blog

JamieJamie started The Breakfast Blog as a weekend amusement and is now much fatter than he was in 2005. Being an amateur breakfast critic is an enjoyable distraction from his day job running a software company called Exari. The Breakfast Blog won best Australian & New Zealand blog in the 2007 Bloggies. Which just proves that breakfast is the new black.

Helen Yee - Grab Your Fork

Helen YeeHelen Yee is the appetite behind Grab Your Fork, a food blog that covers her adventures across Sydney and around the world. Commenced in April 2004, Grab Your Fork is one of Sydney's longest running food blogs, currently receiving over 2,000 hits per day. Blogging has not only given Helen a public outlet for food writing and photography; it's also given her a great excuse to eat more! As a result of her blog, Helen has been interviewed by Australian Gourmet Traveller, Sydney MX newspaper and the Brisbane Courier Mail. Her blog has also been featured in Men's Style, The Walkley Magazine and Sydney's Sunday Telegraph. (YG says: Grab Your Fork has lots of awards too)
Winner of the 2006 Best Food Blog - Restaurant Reviews, Finalist for the 2005 Best Food Blog - Restaurant Reviews, Finalist for the 2004 Best Food Blog - City

George Ujvary - The Foodologist

Dr George UjvaryGeorge is the Managing Director of Olga’s Fine Foods, a leading meat processing company in South Australia and Principal Consultant of Foodology which aims to assist small to medium sized food companies in Australia to comply with the FSANZ labelling requirements. He has a BA(Hons) and a DPhil from the University of Oxford and an MSc from the University of Adelaide in the area of medical sciences and now uses his science background to delve into the area of food science and molecular gastronomy. George is also a member of the Food Media Club of Australia. (YG says: All of this and he still has time to update his blog - and win awards as well!)
Finalist in the 2006 South Australian Premier's Food Awards

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