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disasters END farm to table......

Since launching the Farm to Table Challenge in November 2009, a number of events have occurred which have had a major impact on our schools, students and communities.

  • Australia and New Zealand had a change of Government
  • The World Financial Crisis (or WFC) emerged
  • Parts of WA and NT got more than their usual share of the wet
  • QLD & NSW were beset with floods and hurricanes
  • VIC was devastated by fires
  • SA is still in drought
  • Thank goodness TAS is ok!

Then..... there were a number of changes to staff at both Le Cordon Bleu and Young Gourmet as well as a complete lack of funds to run the competition properly.

So as a result, the 2009 Challenge as we knew it, didn't really happen (boo hoo).

Refer below and think of how good it could be, and know we'll be back.....

Le Cordon Bleu Farm to Table Challenge 2009 (as planned)

Prize Awards
There will be two distinct entry categories for Prize Awards (trophies, certificates and prizes):

  • Return Entrants - 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.
  • New Entrants - 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Winners will be recognised at a special ceremony in Adelaide during Australia's premier food festival, Tasting Australia.

Prizes donated by our generous supporters will be listed on our website. Every Le Cordon Bleu Farm to Table Challenge team participant will receive a certificate.

Recognition Awards
All participating entries will be eligible for the following Recognition Awards (certficiates only):

  • Special Needs Team Award For special schools or groups of supported learning students.

  • Small Team Award Teams of 10 or less students.

  • School Community Award For outstanding community participation or for a project that benefits the community in an outstanding way.

  • Whole of School Award For highest student participation, e.g. 200 enrolled 25 involved equals 8% participation. Participating students do not have to be part of the core team, but contribute in some way to the team result and be acknowledged by the school as participants. Participant numbers and acknowledgment need to be confirmed by the Principal.

  • Across the Curriculum Award For the school which best integrates the Farm to Table Challenge within existing curriculum learning streams as evidenced by both teacher and student participation.

Discretionary Awards
All participating entries will be eligible to receive the following awards at the unanimous discretion of the judging panel (trophies, certificates & prizes):

  • Outstanding Achievement Award Will be awarded to one particularly outstanding entry for whatever outstanding reason the judges determine, if they so choose to do so.

  • Inspiration Award Will be awarded to one particularly inspiring entry for whatever inspiring reason the judges determine, if the judges are so moved (normally this is the sort of entry that causes judges to weep) for 2009.

Each participant and school will receive an Award Certificate acknowledging his or her contribution to an awesome Le Cordon Bleu Farm to Table Challenge entry! Award winners will be selected from both New and Return entrants.

the Le Cordon Bleu farm to table challenge

The Le Cordon Bleu Farm To Table Challenge asks your school to grow, produce, package, market and sell "Regional", "International" or "Cultural" food using traditional artisan growing or production methods.

the tasks:

There are a number of required tasks (download competition materials at the bottom of this page). It will be up to you, and your teachers to determine the exact details of your Challenge entry. These are the essential ingredients as far as we are concerned:

  • Students lead any decision-making processes and are responsible for all outcomes.
  • Students are "hands-on" growing or farming one of the raw ingredients.
  • Students are “hands-on” using the artisan methods employed.
  • Students engage in direct marketing, promotion and sales.
  • Students shoot the video, take the pictures and write the reports.
  • The challenge team will need access to a digital camera, a video camera, a computer and the Internet (and someone who is technically savvy).

All the other jobs can be shared by anyone associated with your school or members of the community. Food production happens everywhere so try and make good use of your local experts!

the judging:

The judges will assess the Challenge entries based on the required tasks and following criteria:

  • The food or methods used to grow or produce the food are authoritatively linked to the region / cuisine / culture either historically, culturally, symbolically, politically or economically.
  • The food is grown or prepared in a sustainable manner, according to specific traditional or artisan techniques or an innovative interpretation of these methods.
  • The food is produced with a minimal carbon footprint – offsets are permitted.
  • The food represents excellent quality, value for money and has a distinctive or enticing authentic appearance.
  • Innovation, creativity, aesthetics, technicality, communicability and environmental footprint of branding, marketing, packaging and point of sale displays or other promotions.
  • Originality, creativity, and authenticity of the process as documented by each required task report.
  • Clear demonstration of your school ethos and its commitment to the challenge.
  • Clear demonstration of the level of community inclusion and teamwork.
  • Communication of problem solving methods and disaster recovery ideas.
  • Communication of enthusiasm, dedication, civic mindedness and team loyalty.

the prizes:

As well as receiving national recognition, the winning schools (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be given some spectacular equipment and resources for their teaching kitchens or canteen. All student participants will get a Le Cordon Bleu cap (for the outside work) and an apron (for the kitchen). All supporting teachers get the chance to apply for a scholarship to study the Professional Certificate of Gastronomy - an online course provided by Le Cordon Bleu and Adelaide University. These marvellous prizes will be awarded in Adelaide at Australia's premier food festival, Tasting Australia!

the rules:

are available here and should be read in conjunction with this information. We will assume you have taken careful note of them BEFORE you enter.

  • Young Gourmet Gastronomy is proud of our association with the internationally acclaimed, culinary educator Le Cordon Bleu. If you are asking yourself, "who the heck is Le Cordon Bleu?", then click on ...
  • When all is said and done, the final report is what will be judged so the most important thing to remember is to communicate the decisions you made and why you made them, task by task. Saying how...

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