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final report

When all is said and done, the final report is what will be judged so the most important thing to remember is to communicate the decisions you made and why you made them, task by task. Saying how much of a good time you all had will help too - but only if you did - failure counts just as much as success!

written format

We would prefer the report be in either MSWord or PDF format but will accept others, so long as you call us and make sure we can convert them to a PDF. We compile all the reports and send them to our judges on a CD/DVD.

movie format

Please ensure the movie can be viewed using either Windows Media Player or Real Player or Quicktime or in a normal DVD/TV combo. Don't make it a feature film, but ensure you cover the tasks and sub-task areas and show the product. 2007 is the first year we have accepted audio/visual reports for judging so next time around we can be more specific about what works (YG says: sorry to be so vague)

page limit

  • The MSWord document or PDF file paper size can be A3 if you like, landscape or portrait.
  • The total page limit is 20 (using both sides so that really means 40)! Allocate 2 pages per task (double sided means that you can type 4 pages of info).
  • Have as many appendix pages as you like eg for more space in the main document, put the recipes you tried as an appendix.
  • The report should be business-like and contain a coverpage, index or table of contents plus end-notes or bibliography if you are quoting direct sources. These extra pages will not be counted as part of the page limit.

check first

YG is pretty flexible, so please ask if you have any questions about how the content or format of the report.

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