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The Young Gourmet Gastronomy Competition for 2007 is done so we are pleased to annouce the following winners. As you will see, many of them are from South Australia where we got loads of publicity this year. We hope to increase our publicity for 2009 and encourage entries from schools all over Australia, in particular those in remote and regional areas. Congratulations to all our winners, their prizes and certificates will be forwarded as soon as we can and their entries published online with comments from our judges. Thank you to all of those students who entered and teachers who encouraged food education in their classrooms.

Food Literature – Poetry

1st Violet McDonald – Year 8 Home School (TAS)
2nd Class 8e - Castlemaine Secondary College Junior campus (Castlemaine VIC)
3rd Angelique Etiennette - Year 8 MacKillop Catholic Regional College (Werribee VIC)

Food Literature – Short Story

1st Celina McDonald “Beans on Toast” - Year 9 Home School (TAS)
2nd Gwylim Klippel-Cooper “Best Ever Christmas” - Year 10 Glenunga Int. High School (SA)
3rd Alycia Powell Jones “All Alone; Lisa's Story” - Year 10 Golden Grove High School (SA)

Recipe Writing

The judges have decided NOT to award placegetters for this category, but rather a special comendation goes to Gwylim Klippel-Cooper for his “Vegetarian Haggis”

Food Art

All of the winners in this category came from Woodcroft College (SA). Thanks goes to their home economics teacher for allowing her class to consider the artistic and cultural role food plays in our lives – students were asked to create an artwork depicting the theme “Growing Up”.

1st Dale Gachet - depicted the life cycle of a tomato
2nd Chelsea Hanel - a Croquembouche in memory of her Great, Great Nana's custard
3rd Emma Blythman - a label for a red wine sauce as she grew up looking at vines

Food Blogging

Entries are still open until 30 November, however this category seems hard for teachers and schools to organise with all those necessary restrictions on internet access. We will take counsel from Info Tech teachers and others with regard to making this category easier in 2009.

Le Cordon Bleu Farm to Table Challenge

This year saw a total of 19 schools begin the Challenge with some amazing entries which included food like tapanade, breads, baby barramundi, duck egg pasta, deboned chickens, woodfired oven pasta sauce, pizzas, chunky soups, cakes, biscuits and community feasts. Their regional foods used ingredients grown and harvested by the students including durum wheat (in a field ploughed by a team of Clydesdales), olive oil, ligurian honey, watte seeds, chickens, vegetables, herbs and eggs.

Whilst there has to always be a winner, the judges this year were so struck by the standard of entries we decided to create some brand new awards in order to appropriately recognise their achievements – this year we will be awarding the following prizes:

Outstanding Achievement: Trinity College North School
This new award recognises a school which submits an entry of the highest possible standard – an entry which has taken the Challenge to a whole new level for this and future years.

Placegetters: 1st Riverton & District High School. 2nd Clare High School. 3rd Hawker Area School
These schools all submitted exceptional entries which exemplified their Challenge tasks and the decisions they made along the way. All displayed a sense of teamwork, of community support, enthusiasm and products of the highest standards. Congratulations to them all.

Inspiration Awards: Albany Special Education Support Centre & Basket Range Primary School
For those schools whose Challege teachers and students truly inspired the judges. They are schools who deserve regocnition as they epitomise what the competition is all about.

Tuition Scholarship for Prof Cert in Gastronomy – Vickie Lester, Trinity College
In 2007 we are also honoured to have the support of Le Cordon Bleu - one of the world’s most prominent organisations dedicated to culinary, hospitality and tourism education. It is their generosity which also allows us to honour the dedication and ability of a teacher who inspires students to achieve whist providing a creative, innovative curricula allowing them to learn about the world of food.

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