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Our School:

Irymple Secondary College, Karadoc Avenue, Irymple VIC 3496
Home Economics Teacher Jodie Morgan Phone: 03 5024 5407

Our School “Region”:

Irymple Secondary College is set in the heart of the Sunraysia Region in North West Victoria, commonly referred to as Victoria’s “Food Bowl”, a plethora of beautiful fresh produce is grown in the rich terra-rossa soil. Sunraysia evokes images of warm sunny days, lush green orange groves and patchwork landscapes of the many grape vines grown in the region. The Mighty Murray provides the life-blood for these crops to grow. Before irrigation and colonisation the Murray provided food for indigenous communities where they would fish and harvest fresh mussels, hunt for ernus, kangaroos and other small marsupials and lizards. They would also gather plants, seeds and nuts from the bush.

Our Product:

Bush Minted lemon cordial

Irymple Secondary College will be growing a native bush mint; its common name; Murray Darling River Mint which occurs naturally in our region. This mint will be used to infuse a cordial that will also be flavoured with lemon. The mint will be grown at the schoolusing bio-dynamic and permaculture principles. All planting and weeding will be done by hand. Fertilisation will be provided by the chooks that are cared for by our students with learning difficulties. These chooks will be housed in a purposefully built “Chook Tractor” that will be investigated, designed and created by our students who are studying a college run Certificate of Applied Learning as part of their Year 10 Course. The Chook tractor is a moveable chook pen, which allows different areas of the soil to be fertilised, weeded and tilled by the pecking and scratching of the chooks. The manure will be used as fertiliser to help grow the mint.

Our School Statement:

Irymple Secondary College prides itself on a commitment to providing continuous access to new, powerful and innovative ways of learning and sources of knowledge. The Farm to Table challenge will provide an opportunity to a wide range of students. The enterprising skills that the students will learn will enable them to know more about the “real” world of business and open their eyes to new possibilities about their futures.

The Bush Mint and Lemon Cordial with it’s links to our local region, indigenous culture and bio-dynamic farming will enrich our students learning with information that they may not previously been exposed to.

In the current environmental climate it is extremely important that our young people understand the value of natural resources, the biggest one being water.

The links we have established with local businesses and community groups including 27 Deakin Food Store, Murray River Trading Co, Mildura Native Nursery, Sunraysia Skills Centre, Sunraysia TAFE, Sunraysia and Murray Group Training, Fishers IGA Supermarkets, Mildura City Heart, Wentworth Farmer’s Market, Friends of the Inland Botanical Gardens, gives our students access to expertise and knowledge that will help them to achieve a successful outcome. The fact that students are from across curriculum promotes understanding and the ability to work as a team

We envisage that some of the team meetings will take place outside the school environment, such as meeting in a Café. We will endeavour to take students involved on excursions on a “knowledge tour” in relation to growing the produce, marketing etc. Some social events will be organised such as a casual gourmet BBQ. The students will also be recognised for their participation at an all school assembly by means of receiving a Certificate of Participation. Coverage and acknowledgement of the students’ progress will be done publicly in the local media.

The Target Group will be interstate and international tourists that visit our region. We already have the support of our local celebrity Stefano de Pieri and the option to sell our product in his gourmet food store. We also have the support of other local gourmet food stores in Mildura and Wentworth including The Citrus Shop and Lush Gourmet Foods. These stores attract the tourist dollar as it provides the visitor with an opportunity to buy something unique to our region and as a memento of their stay. We are also targeting local consumers through local farmer’s markets in Mildura and Wentworth.

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